There's Hope! (May 2020)

September 02, 2020

Real talk?  This place we find ourselves in isn’t easy. . . . There’s sickness and death.  There’s fear, anxiety, and depression.  . . . There’s uncertainty about tomorrow.

AND, yet in the midst of it all, there’s also HOPE. 

Can you remember the last time your boss or co-workers asked how you were doing in a way that sounded like they really cared?

Or , the last time you saw families creating Tik Tok dance routines, or celebrities posting unscripted videos that remind us they’re just like us?

Or, how about the last time you heard of me taking my dogs out for hour long walks each day, while I talked to God with true gratitude for the ability to see the sun?


Although I’m physically distant from all of my loved ones (as a single woman who lives alone with my furbabies), in some ways this is the most connected I’ve ever been to God, myself, and in many ways, to others.

Does that mean it’s easy? Heck no!  The struggle is real.  The fears are understandable.  The losses are horrible.  So, we should give ourselves permission to feel what we feel.  It’s okay not to be okay, and we have to honor those feelings as they come.  

But, in the midst of it all, there’s also hope.  Hope that this reset is the making of something more beautiful, more powerful, more incredible than we ever had before.

By Imani

Monica McCullough
Monica McCullough


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