As Your Coach . . .

With coaching certificates from the CAPP Institute, the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence, and Life Purpose Institute; as well as over 25 years of experience as an attorney in private and public practice, Imani Monica McCullough is a sought after Connection Coach.  In addition to her professional experience, Imani has personal experience with loss and grief, dis-ease, mid-life career pivots, and more.

Imani's passion lies in helping women live more engaged, connected, authentic, and fulfilled lives.  After all, isn’t that what we all want?  To get up in the mornings without pressing snooze five times?  To feel more present in each moment, and excited about what’s to come?

Through work with Imani, you will rekindle your joy, reignite your passion, and reconnect with the Divine.

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As A Speaker . . .

Imani Monica McCullough is a renown speaker and facilitator for groups large and small, with a special interest in book clubs and girls’ nights, as well as in speaking to non-profits, churches, and corporations. Past features have included, the Atlanta Tribune, Rolling Out, Writers’ in Focus, the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys' Legally Speaking, the Wellness Blueprint, Start Your Thing, Lisa Faulkner’s Game Changers and more.  A few sample topics are:

  • When Your Purpose Finds You (link above)
  • Getting to Happy
  • Attracting The Love You Want
  • Self Love Is A Journey Not A Destination
  • When I Was Broken - Moving From Test to Testimony
  • Healing From The Inside Out

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