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When readers first met Naomi in When I Was Broken, she was an expectant mother with a loving husband. It was her best friend, Angela, who had problems—but now the scales have tipped. Naomi’s husband, Micah, dies in a tragic accident, leaving her lost, bitter, and alone. 
Naomi doesn’t put much stock in Christianity anymore, but when Micah makes a supernatural reappearance in her life, she’s forced to rethink her faith. Suddenly, unfathomable decisions loom before her and, according to Micah, she has only three days to figure it all out. 
Micah’s reappearance seems like a chance to heal unresolved questions about life and God, but the salve itself requires a choice between this life and the next.
Is Naomi ready to turn her back on everything her life could be? Or can she accept the pain of moving on in the hope of something better to come? As she seeks answers from a God she thought had abandoned her, readers are propelled on a journey to the edges of heaven and back.
A spiritual reflection on the personal growth that comes from tragedy, Imani’s third novel will resonate with fans of The Five People You Meet in Heaven and The Shack.

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