CHE' MYERS, Big Sis of Dallas Meetup.

Ché Myers is an educator, turned solopreneur, coach, and writer/editor whose passion is to transform lives by helping individuals move from places of hurt, unforgiveness, low self-esteem, poor self-image, and trauma to place of healing, empowerment, and strength. She promotes leadership within youth and through personal and organization development. She also donates Christian coaching services to her community.  When the opportunity became available to host the new Dallas meetup group, Ché was thoughtful and prayerful about stepping in to lead. After hearing more about the YANA mission, she affirmed that it was indeed in line with her own personal mission of helping individuals and businesses/organizations LIVE, GROW, and THRIVE. She is excited to share this same energy and passion with the ladies of YANA. For more information on her services, go to  To join the Dallas meet up, please go to

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