IMANI MONICA MCCULLOUGH, Founder & Connection Coach

Connection Coach, Speaker and Author Imani Monica McCullough is a vibrant voice for women worldwide. Through her transformative platform, You Are Not Alone (YANA) Sisters, she teaches women to connect more deeply with God, themselves and each other.

Beyond born to lead women, Imani is called. Her entire life, from struggling with extreme shyness as a child, losing her father as a teen, surviving an emotionally turbulent divorce as a young woman, and ultimately, watching her mom lose a battle to Parkinson's Disease; gave her a distinctive, personal perspective on pain and on the power of connection to heal. Imani has always felt somehow different from the world around her but those feelings of exclusion, coupled with her life experiences, only fortified her and drew her closer to her life’s work. It was just a few weeks before her husband’s mental breakdown that God whispered in her ear that she had a story to share, which led to penning her award-winning book, When I Was Broken. Prior to publishing the inspirational novel, God nudged her to write more, this time an acclaimed self-help book, which she titled You Are Not Alone.

As therapeutic as writing was, Imani soon realized the process was about more than books. She had something to say—to share—with women whose faces she hadn’t seen, but whose souls she intuitively felt. Her story was theirs and so was her journey. She knew she wasn’t alone—that there were women somewhere, everywhere—who were just going through the motions and desperately needed more. These women were waiting for a safe space, a spiritual space, where they could connect on a deeper level, and be acknowledged and affirmed.

And so, in 2013, YANASISTERS was born.

What began as a vision has taken on a soul of its own. YANASISTERS held its first Journey to Purpose and Passion retreat in 2013 for an intimate group of 20 women. Today, YANA has become a powerful, intergenerational sister circle where thousands of women laugh, cry, live and love—together. From the mountains of Georgia to the sands of the Caribbean, YANA is a collective and conversation that has grown organically and lovingly. The movement includes over 25,000 women worldwide with live and virtual retreats, conferences and affiliate groups across the globe.

Through her books and her intimate coaching programs, Imani continues to obediently respond to her calling to serve women deeply. She has been featured in numerous national publications and digital platforms, including, the Atlanta Tribune, Rolling Out and the Wellness Blueprint. Imani is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and Howard University School of Law, and holds coaching certificates from the CAPP Institute, the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence and Life Purpose Institute.

Imani is also the author of Bittersweet, and is currently working on her next release.


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