Think You’re Too Busy for Self-Love?

If so, you definitely need to join
our 60-day self-love (and care) challenge!!!

Long before the pandemic began, I was completely burnt out. My energy
was low, my health was challenged, and my mood was – well, let’s just say
that I didn’t even love my own company. So, in a moment of desperation, I
joined a raw food detox group with plans of completing a 6-week

I knew eating all raw was going to be hard, but I was ready. My body felt as
if it was begging for something different, and I was determined to hold to it.
But what I wasn’t ready for was the self-love/care component. In addition
to eating all raw and drinking a gallon of water per day, I learned that we
also had to commit to time to do something for ourselves each and every

My first thought was “where am I going to find more hours in the day?” –
But I quickly realized the flaw in my thinking. If I didn’t have time for me,
who did?

Six weeks later I was a new person. My weight was down, my skin was
glowing, and best of all, I was committed to never, ever putting myself
last again.

It’s with this in mind that our LoveDoc, Gloria, and I created our very
first YANA Self-Love (and Care) Challenge. Sixty days (beginning May 1)
where we simply commit to taking better care of ourselves, in whatever way we choose.

By signing up below:

(1) You commit to more self-love (and care) for the next 60 days
(beginning May 1). It doesn’t have to be grand or dramatic – you can
simply choose ONE thing that you want to add to or take away from
your current life plan. Something just for you!

(2) You agree to receive a weekly email/text to encourage you on your
journey. The email/text will provide tips, reminders, and/or exercises
for you to consider as you create your journey.

(3) You have the option to join the group in discussing the weekly topic
on each Friday of the challenge. Simply log on to our private facebook
group, which you can request admission to by searching for yana = you
are not alone.

(4) You have the option to attend the ultimate, virtual LOVE PARTY to
celebrate not only the completion of this challenge, but to celebrate
the awesomeness known as you!

It’s that simple!

Is today the day that you stop putting yourself last on the list?


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