Are you a woman with a passion for service – specifically in inspiring women and bringing women together to authentically connect?  Are you willing to share your stories - both good and bad - to help others feel safe to do the same?  Would you like to lead a meetup group in your city, geared toward reminding women they are not alone? 

If you answered yes to the above, you may be a good candidate to lead a YANA (you are not alone) SISTERS’ meetup group in your city.  We’re seeking ladies whose passion aligns with the YS mission, so if you’re interested, read on!


Founded in 2013 by Imani Monica McCullough, YANASISTERS is an intergenerational wisdom circle for women.  We’ve created this safe space, this spiritual space, to celebrate our womanhood.

Connection is the essence of our community.  Through our intimate online group, coaching programs, local meetups in 9 cities, and transformative destination retreats, we are here to support women.  We share our stories, our pasts and our pain—lovingly and openly—to show one another that we are more alike than we are different.

We defy the notion that differences divide us.  We are women who are all shapes, sizes, skin tones and swag. But our spirits—our souls—are every bit the same.  And we only have one rule.  Leave all judgment at the door.



As a Big Sister, you will:

  • oversee day to day administration of the meetup group in your city, including responding to occasional inquiries through meetup
  • organize monthly or bi-monthly events, including
    • researching potential activities
    • all aspects of event planning, such as finalizing the activity, confirming details with the venue, paying any deposits (to be reimbursed by YS through payments from the group), setting the agenda, setting the cost for participants etc.
    • inviting members to the event and continuing to market the event through meetup.com and facebook
    • raising the $180 annual meetup fee (typically by adding a $1-2 admin fee to events)
  • create an environment that is welcoming for all and that fosters a positive exchange

**Requested commitment is a minimum of 12 months.


YS will accept letters of interest from women who would like to be considered to lead a YS meetup group.  The letter should be directed to imani@yanasisters.com, should be no more than one page, and should include:

  • Name, contact information, and city of interest
  • Reasons for interest – that is, why do you feel called to lead a YS meetup group? why do you feel like it is needed in your city?
  • Qualifications for role – that is, why do you think you’d be good at leading a YS meetup group?  Be sure to include details of how this aligns with your experience and/or personal goals, as well as any experience in leading a group, working with women, event planning etc.
  • Knowledge of YS – that is, details on how you were introduced to the group, whether you’ve participated in any events or in the online community etc.


For the right individual, leading a YANASISTERS' Meetup will be fun and rewarding in and of itself.  In addition to this purposeful work, Imani Monica McCullough will provide the selected individual with:

  • Inclusion on the YANASISTERS' website, including a personal bio that may include reference to the Big Sisters’ business and/or products. 
  • Free access to any local retreats in her city during her term as a Big Sister, provided she serves as a co-host.
  • Free access to any of the virtual retreats hosted by Imani Monica McCullough during her tenure.
  • The opportunity to submit blogs/articles for potential publication in the YS newsletter.
  • Up to 3 individual coaching sessions per year.
  • Periodic group coaching on personal goals.
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